Frequently asked Questions

Lock Jaw Undergoes 100 kg Load Testing

Lock Jaw Ladder Grip is tested under controlled conditions. A 100kg load is applied and the Lock Jaw Ladder Grip clamps on and remains in place even after 3 minutes of applied force

Speed I Rocket Launch

Speed of Application

Lock Jaw Locks on in 5 Seconds 

You can use one hand to apply Lock Jaw Ladder Grip

There are no cumbersome bolts or tie offs

Types of Gutters

Which Gutters

Lock Jaw works on a most gutters with the exception of box wood and unstable gutters


Lock Jaw I Built to Last

Built to Last

 Lock Jaw Ladder Grip is made of UV treated nylon and steel. It is recommended you inspect the unit before use and do not use if dropped or damaged in any way. 

We recommend replacement 5 years or if damaged



Follow all legal state and country requirements 

Inspect and replace if damaged – do not use

Always have 3 points on the Ladder


Lock Jaw Ladder Grip I Contractor

Who uses Lock Jaw Ladder Grip

Lock Jaw Ladder Grip is used by :

Insurance Adjusters

Home Handy Man

Energy Companies


Solar Installers


Emergency Services


House Washers

Gutter Cleaners


Air Freight I Lock Jaw Ladder Grip

World Wide Shipping

We ship worldwide by airfreight 

Usually your will receive between 2 days to 1 week time depending on your location

You will be provided a tracking number so you can track your purchase


For any inquiries please email