Use with a ladder and protects gutters

Lock Jaw Ladder Grip locks on to most Gutters : Ladder Safety Device

Gutter Protection

We have been selling Lock Jaw Ladder Grip for over 10 years and not had one reported case of gutter damage.

Our unique rubber material on the clamp and the fact that the Lock Jaw Ladder Grip will not move at all once in place prevents the gutter from being damaged

The magic of physics enables very limited force to be exerted on the gutter. 

We have also had testing conducted – 100kg static load test and the gutter and ladder did not move.  

Lock Jaw Ladder Grip use with a ladder against a gutter

Half Round Gutter

Lock Jaw Ladder Grip works exceptionally well on half round gutters. It will lock on and not move. Improving your risk of a fall. The most dangerous time is moving from the ladder to the roof

Lock Jaw Ladder Grip applied on a half round gutter. The Best Way To Secure A Ladder
Lock Jaw works on K Style Gutter and doesn't damage even when leaning a ladder against gutters

K Style Gutter

Lock Jaw Ladder Grip does work on K Style.

Ensure to lock the jaw under the inner lip.

Gutters that don't work with Lock Jaw

Lock Jaw Ladder Grip do not not work

  • On vinyl or PVC gutters that are unstable
  • Box wood gutters
  • Metal Gutter Guard
Lock Jaw Ladder Grip is not to be used for PVC Gutters
Essential height safety equipment. A ladder bracket that locks securely onto most ladders
Lock Jaw Ladder Grip suits most ladders

Lock Jaw Ladder Grip