Ladder Safety Devices & Equipment: Instructions

Ladder Safety Devices & Equipment: Instructions

  • When Craig and Robert Charlton created Lock Jaw Ladder Grip, they wanted to make it not only ground-breaking and innovative, but easy to use as well.
  • As a result, it is robust, simple to utilize and simple to store (without taking up very much space at all).
  • But in order to get the most out of the product, it’s useful to familiarize yourself with the instructions for using this device.
  • These instructions will have you using our Ladder Safety Devices & Equipment safely and effectively in no time. But remember, if you have any more questions you can visit our contact page and get in touch with us a number of ways. We aim to assist you to get the most out of our product, so don’t hesitate to drop us a line.
  • Here are your instructions.

Before Usage

  • Before you start using our Ladder Safety Devices & Equipment, there are a few steps to take to ensure optimal usage of the device:
  • Observe all legislative requirements, your company procedures and regular ladder safety procedures. There are best practice guidelines for climbing ladders (link).
  • Check for loose screws and bolts, as well as cracks in the product’s plastic parts. If the product appears damaged in any way, don’t use it. Contact us for an exchange or a refund instead.
  • Open the spring-loaded handle with both hands. Using only one hand can cause it to release in a dangerous and uncontrolled fashion.
  • Don’t use our ladder safety devices on a gutter if you’re unsure of the gutter’s structural integrity. It should not be used on PVC gutters.

Step One: Position the Ladder

  • Place the ladder against the gutter, leaving enough clearance between the rungs to attach the Ladder Grip. Follow the ladder usage guidelines.

Step Two: Preparation

  • Raise the adjustment knob, making sure the bar assembly is close to fully raised. Once the equipment has been clamped to the gutter, the bar is the part attached to the ladder rail. Use TWO HANDS to open the handle BEFORE you climb the ladder. This part is important in order to maintain control of the grip.
  • Push the safety lock forward with your thumb. At the same time, pull the trigger to release the handle. Then clip the device to your belt before you begin to climb up the ladder. This enables you to maintain three points on the ladder at all times, which is the best practice for ladder use.

Step Three: Clamping the Ladder to the Gutter

  • With the handle in the open position, place the device’s jaws over the gutter and the bar over the ladder rail. Make sure our equipment is placed firmly up against the ladder rail. If at all possible, ensure that the adjustable jaw is placed snugly against the bottom of the gutter lip. This stops the device from twisting and turning about while you use it.
  • To lock the device, push the handle down with the palm of your hand. There’s no need to depress the handle trigger assembly while you close the handle.
  • As soon as the handle works its way into place in the body of the product, you should hear an audible clicking noise.
  • In order to check that the handle is properly locked in the closed position, pull lightly on the handle without pushing down on the trigger.

Step Four: Adjusting for Ladder dimensions

  • Use the adjustment knob to place the bar assembly onto the ladder rail. Slide the bar firmly against the side of the ladder rail by spreading the spring-loaded locking tabs.
  • Once adjusted for a ladder you are set and this won’t have to be done again if you are using the same ladder. Some find it useful to adjust the bar prior to climbing the ladder Voila! Your Lock Jaw Ladder Grip is now ready to use.

Our Guarantees

  • If you’re not satisfied with your purchase please call us or email us. We have received very few purchases back after the fact. We really believe in our Ladder Safety Devices & Equipment and are keen to find out why you would like to return it.
  • We must receive the product back from you before the 30-day period (which applies from the date of purchase) has expired. The buyer must pay the cost for the item to be returned.
  • Our warranty states that this device has a guarantee against faulty workmanship and materials for 12 months from the date of purchase. The manufacturer will either repair or replace the product at their discretion. This warranty is null and void if the product is second hand, has been tampered with or has been damaged either by accident or by misuse.

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  • If you haven’t yet ordered, now is the perfect time to try it and see the benefits for yourself. With our 30-day money back period, you have nothing at all to lose. Get yours today.
Lock Jaw Ladder Grip Instructions. It is a fantastic ladder accessory

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