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There are few jobs that involve using a ladder as often as roofing contracting. When you’re up on the roof all day, you need to make safety your number one priority. That’s why it pays to invest in Lock Jaw Ladder Grip. Safety is our number one priority too. Our Ladder Grip was designed with safety in mind, both at home and in the workplace. Our easy-to-use device will lock your ladder in place so you can concentrate on building and repairing roofs.

Roofing is a profession that requires tremendous skill. You also have the opportunity to see different parts of your city, town or region. You can admire the tangible physical results of your hard work and maybe some decent views too. By installing roofs on people’s homes or repairing their damaged roofs, you’re protecting them and their families from the elements and saving them money on heating and cooling.

The Ladder Grip was created with workplace safety in mind. It’s already made an impact on various organizations and individuals around the world. Now it’s leaving its mark on the United States and Europe as well. Some have called it the best ladder safety accessory on the market. So if you’re a roofing contractor who’s really serious about safety, it’s time to give us a try. With a 30-day money back guarantee, you really can’t go wrong.

The Lock Jaw Difference

After working in the building trade for a substantial part of his life, Robert Charlton had personally witnessed way too many accidents involving ladders. Over the course of many years, he and company co-founder Craig Charlton set to work to develop a device that would revolutionize ladder safety as the world knew it. Over many years and a period of rigorous testing, Lock Jaw Ladder Grip was born. A 2013 finalist in the Australian Innovation Challenge and adopted as the standard by Fire and Rescue services in Helsingborg, Sweden, this device has been having an impact across the globe. We’re hoping to make it the safety standard in workplaces across the U.S so that we can help to keep roofing contractors and other professionals safe on the job.


“Amazing product! Keeps my scaffold and Roof workers safer than they’ve ever been getting on and off the roof. Eliminate risk and buy one today. Great company and communications also”
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Here are some benefits of investing in our product for your work or home:

* The quality. Many have said that we are the best ladder security device on the market. With our 30 day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose by trying it for yourself. After all, the Fire and Rescue service in Helsingborg, Sweden has adopted it as their standard. Needless to say, the Fire and Rescue service are world experts in safety.

* The convenience and ease of usage. The Ladder Grip can be attached to any ladder and any gutter in five seconds or less, freeing you up to get to work and do what you do best. As well as being easy to use, it is also easy to put away when you’re finished.

* Value for money. Our product is high-quality and will last many years. Chances are you have bought items that are cheap and break after a couple of uses. That is not the philosophy we wanted for our product. When we designed the Ladder Grip, we ensured it would last many years, be able to withstand large forces and be a reliable tool for the user. It is our aim to build a more sustainable environment by reducing waste. We think you’ll agree that it certainly offers value for money.

* The innovation. Here at Lock Jaw, we’re committed to continuous improvement. It was a great honour to be shortlisted for the Australian Innovation Challenge in 2013, but we have no intention of stopping there. We want to continuously improve the device based on the feedback of our customers, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Ladder Safety Tips for Roofing Contractors

While purchasing a ladder grip is obviously an important step for safety, there are other important steps to stay safe on the job as roofing contractors:

* Conduct a risk assessment prior to commencing the job.

*Make sure you use the right kind of ladder for the job. Follow the safety instructions. Make sure that it’s not on too slanted an angle but not too vertical either. Instead, set the ladder at an approximately 75-degree angle. Refer to standards and legislative requirements whenever possible.

* Maintain 3 points of contact on the ladder at all times (this can be achieved by opening the Grip and attaching to your belt buckle prior to climbing the ladder).

* Check the stability of the ground and, if necessary, stabilize it with use of a sill or another kind of stabilization accessory.

* Before you start climbing up the ladder, check the area for potential safety hazards.

* Don’t leave your ladder unattended, especially if there are children around.

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