Customers reviews

I'm a contractor for AT&T. This tool has been very useful I actually am recommend my co workers to look into it after using mine. They loved it. I live in Ohio so we deal with rain snow windy days. It actually help some of the new technician we train to feel much safer going up and down theirs ladders... This deserves a 5 star rating.
AT&T Contractor uses Lock Jaw Ladder Grip
AT&T Contractor
Amazing product! Keeps my scaffold and Roof workers safer than they’ve ever been getting on and off the roof. Eliminate risk and buy one today. Great company and communications also 🙌🏻
My Home Improvements uses Lock Jaw Ladder Grip
Greg C
Manager My Home Improvements
The lock jaw is awesome. I do a heap of solar and on windy days stops ladder falling over and makes the apprentices feel a bit safer. Never had an issue with damaged gutter and i use it every day nearly for the last 4 years. Its a must have for anyone who needs to jump up on roofs
Jamie Cogan using lock jaw ladder grip for 4 years
Jamie Cogan
Business Owner
Got mine delivered last week. Have been using them. Highly recommended !!!!! Currently using them to paint my two storey home’s gutters & eaves. It’s got my approval as a novice handyman around my home.
Tony Zeneral
Home Handy Man
This is definitely a great safety product and definitely makes your job on ladders 💯 safer!
Absolute Chimney uses Lock Jaw Ladder Grip to assist with Chimney Restorations
Erin Hesse
Absolute Chimney
Great product! Easy to setup and always feel safe using this system! Normally have to install a roof anchor to secure my ladder but the lockjaw is a much quicker setup and delivers the same level of safety!
Daniel Boyce
Business Owner
Brisbane plumbing and drainage have started to use the lock jaw ladder grips and find them great,anytime one can keep their employees safe onsite is money well spent.
Brisbane Plumbing and Drainage use Lock Jaw Ladder Grip to stabilise the ladder
Ryan Old
Brisbane Plumbing and Drainage
A fantastic product! Prevents slipping when stepping into a roof and gives a secure support to hold onto when near the edge. I won’t get onto a roof without mine!
Sven Roelofs
Business Owner
Lock Jaw Ladder Grip always making me feel safe when getting up onto a roof I highly recommend these lock jaw ladder grip safety locks the best money you will ever spend all of my boys love using them to no ladders slipping off the gutter at infinity
Infinity Solar uses Lock Jaw Ladder Grip to secure ladders to gutters
Infinity Solar
We have been using lockjaw ladder grips for over 6 years and I cannot speak more highly of this product. After personally having a family member shatter his femur in 3 places falling while climbing a ladder, becoming safety aware is and should always be a must. After thousands of roof jobs complete, I am proud to say we still have a 0% incident rating. I can highly recommend this business.
Brisbane 1300 Cleaning Group uses Lock Jaw Ladder Grip
Michael Flemming
Brisbane House Washing
At Gutter-Vac Sutherland Shire we are up and down ladders all day every day. Architects and landscaper don't often consider safe ladder placement in their scheme of things. After 15 years in the game I've finally found the best solution for securing your ladders quickly and effectively, especially when there isn't ideal conditions at the bottom end of the ladder. All my roof working crews have them and we wouldn't be without them "Don't risk a fall - Give lock jaw a call"
Gutter Vac uses Lock Jaw Ladder Grip as the best stabiliser for the ladder whilst cleaning gutters
Peter Hayne
Gutter Vac
The lock jaw ladder grip is a great piece of safety equipment. We just moved over to lightweight fiberglass ladders and they definitely move around when you put them up against an aluminum gutter. The lock jaw grips provide the support needed to keep the ladder in place during the weight transfer from stepping off ladder onto roof. Additionally, the lock jaw grips are a lifesaver on windy days to keep the ladders from getting blown around.
Chris Cicotello
USA Building Contractor