What exactly is a ladder safety device?

Lock Jaw Ladder Grip a leading ladder safety device

If you’re reading this blog then you’re likely new here, so welcome! You’ve definitely come to the right place if you’re wondering what a ladder safety device is. You might also perhaps be here to find out what Lock Jaw Ladder Grip is all about, so we’ll be diving into all of that today. But first, let’s cover a couple of the basics.

1. Working with ladders is one of the least safe but most common aspects of many job sites. Climbing atop any ladder (whether thin and rickety or expertly built) carries risks with it that those of us who have to use one regularly would prefer not take quite as often as we have to in our jobs given the potential harm.

2. Human error happens. Everyone who uses a ladder regularly would have misjudged a surface from time to time. We all know the feeling as you start to climb and begin to feel that something isn’t quite right, or worse yet, feel the ladder actually start to slip. Then there are other slightly more humorous but no less dangerous situations such as getting stuck on a roof or somewhere else high after the ladder falls while you’re working.

It’s these sorts of situations that kept our founder Craig Charlton up at night and they’re the reason that he invented his own ladder safety device.

While we can’t claim to be a magic bullet for all of the safety issues you will ever face while working at heights we can ensure that you won’t get stuck where you are and that the ladder will be firmly secured in place for you to climb and safely come back to once you’re done with whatever it is that you’re doing.

Lock Jaw Ladder Grip an affordable way to secure your ladder

So what is Lock Jaw Ladder Grip?

Put simply, it’s a device that we can’t believe hadn’t been thought of sooner that clamps your ladder in place firmly while you’re using it. Elegant in its simplicity and powerful in its utility, we have customers all over the world from local tradespeople through to the Swedish Fire & Rescue Service, who have made our product their standard.

With an easy to use system that hooks around the ladder and clamps on to the surface you’re planning on climbing up to, its ease of use means it will be incorporated into your daily routine in no time. We made our product to be so easy to use that you’ll forget you’re even doing it once it gets incorporated into your daily routine. You don’t even need one for each side of the ladder. Our product is designed to work with a single unit.

The product has also been a finalist in the “Shell Innovation Awards” so we know that we’re providing quality and well thought through solutions that few have tried before

What types of industries use our product? 

Aside from the aforementioned Swedish Fire & Rescue Surface, who use Lock Jaw as part of their standard practice, we have people using Ladder Grips who are electrical contractors, solar panel installers, satellite TV technicians, home inspection specialists, drain & gutter cleaners, plumbers, pest specialists, air-conditioning installers, general contractors and a whole other range of tradespeople, repair people, cleaners and much, much more.

No matter what the application across a variety of different job descriptions our product has performed over and over again exactly as advertised and we have the testimonials and incredibly low product return rate to prove it!

So how are we different?

We don’t actually have many real competitors. Our product is our own and it is patented. But we can certainly promise you that dealing with us will be unlike most other experiences you will have with your suppliers. We go out of our way to be personable, reasonable, friendly and fair. We are not a large conglomerate and we literally invented the product ourselves, so being a bit closer to the ground we’re much more acutely aware of the needs of business and the reality of work sites. However having had our products picked up as standard by multiple larger organisations means that we also know how to operate at the higher end of the game where large orders and more substantial needs are the norm.

Whether you speak directly with our founder Craig, our General Manager Gail, or any of our highly valued and knowledgeable staff, you’ll get prompt replies, great service and all around great communication so that you can rest assured you’re in the best of hands with people who genuinely value your business and the needs of your workers.

So what is a ladder safety device? Well put simply, it’s our product and there are no substitutes. So feel free to get in touch today to find out more or place your order!