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Community – In check with the Environment, Diversity and Social Enterprises

Environmental impact

A major concern for anyone living on this wonderful planet today is to preserve the world we live in. 

Charlton Innovation has moved to recycled packaging including the outer boxing and packing materials. 

We have and are continuing to develop our packing designs to enable dual unit packaging. This is decreasing the use of materials and environmental impact of single packaging. 

“We try our best to minimise the environmental impact by building our products so they last and to use sustainable packaging and materials whenever we can”

Supporting our community through  Social Enterprise

When we embarked on our journey to find a partner to assist us with all our logistics needs there was a large range to choose from. 

I was so impressed with Help Enterprises when I went to visit them. Their focus on providing a service to the community and their workers was second to none. The facility was also very was well organised and the enthusiasm and energy from the staff was genuine and refreshing. 

Help Enterprises are in Eagle Farm are a large employer of people with disabilities They were an obvious choice to store, pack and freight our product.

About Help Enterprises


At the heart of who we are, is our people. These are people with disability who we support through our services and infrastructure, employ within our commercial businesses and also assist to find meaningful work in the open job market. The most important part in all of this, is that each person at HELP is empowered to live their best life, unrestricted and encouraged to achieve all that they are capable of. This is of course made possible by our dedicated staff, who believe in the HELP mission because everything we do comes back to our purpose.


HELP is a registered charity and not-for-profit organisation. We operate within a Quality Management System based upon ISO9001:2008 and which includes the workplace health and safety certification AS4801.”

Here is a link to their website

Help Enterprises

A diverse world and our beautiful Tate

Those of you who know us well would have met our beautiful son Tate. 

He has had a lot of struggles with day to day life and has a diagnosis of cerebral palsy and autism. 

We include him whenever we can and nothing makes him more happier than doing an occasional Lock Jaw delivery. He rehearses with great care from his helper Hannah what he needs to say and greets our customers with great enthusiasm.

We are so lucky to have him in our lives. He brings another dimension of happiness and fulfilment to our family and those who encounter him.

Help Enterprises is used by Lock jaw Ladder Grip
Tate delivering Lock Jaw Ladder Grip

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