How We Are Different

The Story Behind Lock Jaw Ladder Grip

Our Journey and how are we different from our competitors

Gail Bray General manager Lock Jaw Ladder Grip

By Gail Bray
General manager

We are differentiated from our competitors by:

  • Step out in innovation
    With an ever-changing landscape of new products consistently entering the market, it is our focus to stay one step ahead through innovation. We are already working on the next generation of Lock Jaw to suit a wider range of applications and enhance the ease of function and ergonomics. It is our aim to look to where design is advancing and keep ahead.
  • Being the only ladder safety device adopted as the standard for securing a ladder to the gutter for Helsingborg Rescue Services (Swedish Fire and Rescue Service)
  • Our advanced design features an ingenious jaw mechanism making it superior
  • Ease of application. It is the only ladder safety device that can be applied in 5 seconds, with one hand.
  • We have completed static testing to withstand forces over 100 kg
  • The ability to secure a ladder to a gutter without damaging the roof or gutter.
  • It is one of the most practical and economic ways for sole traders and businesses to meet safety legislative requirements, achieve compliance and best practice in safety
  • Supporting Social Enterprise. Help Industries in Eagle Farm are a large employer of people with disabilities and are our 3 PL provider. They store, pack and freight our product.

Current export markets include Sweden, UAE, Netherlands, Germany and the USA.

Our customers include Swedish Fire and Rescue Services (world leaders in quality and safety), Ergon, Victorian Building Authority, Powercor, Tasmanian Hydro Electric Plant, Westbend Insurance (USA), Farmers Insurance (USA), Vientia (largest infrastructure service provider in Australasia) and a vast array of small business such as Solar Installers, Electricians, Plumbers, Building Inspectors, Gutter Cleaning Services, Maintenance companies, Electricians and Chimney restorers.

The Swedish Fire and Rescue Services (Helsingborg) found us by chance in 2018. Believe it or not someone from the fire service was searching for a fishing lure (with a similar name to Lock Jaw) but found us instead. The rest is history. The technical authority trialled the product and then went ahead to equip the station. Lock Jaw has now been written into their height safety standards. We are thrilled that these world class leaders in standard and quality have chosen Lock jaw Ladder Grip to be an integral part of their equipment portfolio. The Swedes have also performed a range of testing on the product including controlled static testing and temperature trials. They commented that “Lock Jaw Ladder Grip” exceeded all expectations.

The product is now supplied to a distributor in Sweden who distribute throughout Sweden, Norway and Finland.

In the last quarter of 2018 we embarked on advertising in the USA and other European Countries. Now having sold in 5 different countries and have a 5 star google rating from our customers.

Two large American Insurance Companies now have equipped every Insurance Adjuster in their organisation with lock Jaw Ladder Grips. The VP of Claims West Bend Mutual Insurance ($1B revenue) Scott Thomas, explained how they have been searching for a product like ours after finding an employee unconscious from a ladder fall. They searched for many months within the USA and came across Lock Jaw Ladder Grip. After a short trial they provided every adjuster in the company with this unique Australian Ladder Safety device (shipped all the way from Brisbane). They are very happy with the product and have already indicated they will be buying more.

Our next phase of commercialisation is entering the hardware retail sector. Expect sales to commence August 2019 with Bunnings 150 stores Australia wide. It is wonderful to partner with such a well-known brand as Bunnings.(the largest hardware supplier in Australia)

“Lock Jaw Ladder Grip exceeded our expectations”

Technical Authority Helsingborg Rescue Services (Sweden)