American National Standard Safety Requirements for Ladder Accessory and OSHA

The National Standard Safety Requirements for Ladder Accessories ANSI-ASC 14.8-2013. This standard specifies the requirements for ladder accessories under the  following categories
  • General Specifications
  • Bottom end Accessories
  • Top End Accessories
  • Miscellaneous Accessories
  • Testing Requirements
  • Labelling,Marking and Instruction Requirements
  • Labelling Performance Requirements
The standard is intended to provide guidance and design criteria for the construction of ladder accessories.
Tradesmen and Contractors use Lock Jaw Ladder Grip to assist to meet OSHA standards
Lock Jaw Ladder Grip assists to meetTradesmen and Contractors use Lock Jaw Ladder Grip to assist to meet safety standards
  • The standard does not outline the criteria for Lock Jaw Ladder Grip however the most relevant section is section 5 General Applications and section 7 Top End Accessories.
  • The general specifications specifies :
  • that the design shall have characteristics as to produce a ladder accessory of sufficient strength and stiffness to meet the duty rating of the ladder upon which it is installed.
  • A quality Assurance Program shall be in place and applied throughout the manufacturing process
  • Components shall be corrosion resistant
  • All exposed surfaces should be free from sharp edges
  • Attachment to the ladder shall shall be designed to prevent failure, crushing, crackling, buckling, fatigue or excessive wear to ladder components
  • Connections shall be sufficient quality and strength for the purpose intended
  • Plastic parts should have sufficient strength and rigidity

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